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Free Day Trading Simulator

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sign up for trading simulatorYou can day trade currencies with less than $1,000 (unlike stocks).

Before you open an account and start trading, I recommend that you practice on the free simulator. This is the same simulator that I recommend and many of our traders use.

The demo account that you will create will allow you to actively trade currencies online. You will be sent a link with instructions via email as well. This will allow you to simulate actual trading.

Please double check your email address to make sure that you receive your simulation software instructions. Using your free demo to “paper trade” is an important step before trading in the real market.

Trading Goodies

In addition to an excellent platform, these are some of the tools that you’ll have access to when you sign up for either a demo or open a real account:

  • Live Educational Webinars/Training
  • Trading Signals and Analysis Software
  • Access to Basic and Advanced Trading Videos
  • Market Analysis and Real-time News
  • Trading Evaluations and Career Opportunities.

Enjoy trading with the free simulator, your first step to your Day Trading Career!