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7 Steps to Start Day Trading

7 steps to start day trading

In life, we must follow steps to get to our destination.

In day trading, the same thing applies. Before you start cranking out trades, there are some things you must know and do. That’s why I wrote these 7 steps. Read and follow them. They will point you in the right direction.

I have also added some additional information on this page after the 7 steps, which you should read as well.

  1. Read important facts about day trading.
  2. Get a trading computer.
  3. Learn the basics about trading and investing.
  4. Learn additional concepts (level II, ECN’s, order routing, technical analysis, etc.).
  5. Open an account with a direct-access broker – a must for trading stocks (or currencies).
  6. Start paper trading stocks (or currencies).
  7. Start day trading.