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Managed Accounts

To me trading is the best job in the world. It ranks right up there with elite athletes, minus all the nasty sweat and body odors!

But all kidding aside…just like not everyone can become an all-star basketball player, all will not succeed in trading. Furthermore, you may not even like to trade or be able to stomach the mental control necessary to deal with financial gains and losses. If that’s you, then your best option might be to hire a trader!

The reality is that when it comes to money, everyone should be investing it somewhere to improve their lives. Maybe it’s real estate or your own business, or stocks and bond. If you’re smart, it’ll be a variety of things. But if you cannot stomach managing your own investments, you’ll need to hire a person or multiple people to do it for you. That’s why we made this managed account program available.

It’s another option to spice up your investing portfolio. Even though you may not like to trade, the managed account program provides a way for you to benefit from the work of multiple professional traders. They do the buying and selling. They do the risk management. They do it all.

One big advantage of this program is that it does not go up and down with traditional markets like stocks, so you can use it to add diversification to your overall portfolio. This is extremely important if your goal is not only to build, but also protect wealth.

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Here’s some additional details about the managed trading program:

Minimum Investment: $5,000

Strategy Used: Active trading focused on a systematic investing process on the major Forex (FX) pairs, US stock market indices, and some cryptocurrency pairs when there are opportunities to do so. There are small, multi-day and multi-week holding times of both winning and losing trades.

Program Risk: Maximum drawdown (or downside fluctuation) objective of 20%. Please note that every investment has risk and if anyone out there is promising you daily, week, monthly or yearly returns, stay away because it’s a scam! Markets have volatility and anyone that trades those markets is exposed to some of that volatility. It’s inevitable.

Program Manager: The team of traders behind the program run a fund managed by 60 traders. The head trader has 15+ years of experience trading equities, futures, forex, options, etc. and was selected as a Top-5 trader during various market conditions.