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Day Trading Testimonials

People from different countries around the world have visited I have received many day trading testimonials via email from experienced and novice day traders alike expressing their gratitude for the educational information on day trading they received.

I hope that people who are either day trading or considering trading as an extra source of income or career continue to benefit mentally and financially from the years of experience behind these pages. I welcome you to become a better prepared trader by reading and following the suggestions on this site. If you want to provide your testimony or comments, please complete our contact form.

Here are day trading testimonials and comments I have received. Given the ongoing volume, I now can only show a sample of the more interesting ones I have received.

Hi Dan,

Your info is great. Can I open a FX account with these companies in Canada?



Good afternoon Dan. My name is Justin and I want to begin a career as a day trader trading the forex. I have spent the past 3-4 months paper trading with the Nasdaq and returning about 13% monthly. I really enjoyed your site and I want to thank you for making it.

Justin M .

Hello! I’m new to day trading and was surfing around trying to find some sort of tutorial or practice program I could use. I’m a senior in High School and am very interested in Day Trading!! Thought I’d leave a comment to say thanks for the program you’ve made for us newbies ;).

Have a wonderful day!

Hunter G.

This website is definitely a reference for the quality of information it contains as well as the quantity. If your trading abilities are as good as this site, you can manage my 100$ fortune anytime!

Thanks a lot!

Michel T.

Is this a true testimonial or a joke? 🙂

Thanks for the day trading website, i am really thankful for all your efforts to give us such comprehensive tutorial for free.


Thank you for a wonderful website with a lot of info.
I love the demo program for trading currencies. Could you recommend a broker who is using this software?


Love the site; really as someone hoping to start a career out of daytrading, this site really gave me the basic knowledge i needed to know, at first i was all over the web going to a different site to explain each term i somehow read at another site. this was the only site i very luckily found giving me the A to Z of daytrading. thank you. thank you for your time and thanks again for making this site; in the tutorial you say one should never consider themselves gods gift to man, but i find it hard to believe that u aren’t just that.


Hi, your site is extremely useful.



I just found your site today and I believe it to be a Godsend! I am so
thankful that you have done this work.



Thank you for making so much valuable instruction freely available! I’m a musician and teacher, and I’ve always been attracted to the stock market. I am starting with your website.

Tristan S.

Thanks for this web site and it’s owner – you brother.
I keep on saying while copying and pasting info from the site, Thanks a whole lot. Really, I don’t get why everyone doesn’t get how sharing knowledge and info could absolutely bless someone in a blessed way. All I could say is thanks, thanks, thanks; more power to your good heart and your family.


Mom, did you write this testimonial? 🙂

This website has been great!! It taught me a bunch. I have just been getting into dat level 2 stock trading and this website convinced me that currencies are for me.

Tim J.

I will be trading Forex. By the way, thanks for the site, it has been really
great at explaining a few things that have been a bit confusing on other sites and in books.

Rhian H .

The trading tutor is excellent and as you state trading before you gather information is foolish.

Don H .

I have been really impressed with your tutorial, and I thank you for that. I am a beginner and looking a successful path on day trading.

Mustafa I.

So far I find your site outstanding. I am 73 and have tried trading a couple times in the past with poor results. I really feel good about trying again after I have digested your information thoroughly.

Wesley S.

You have an excellent web-site and got me interested in day-trading currencies.

Thomas S.

Thank you so much for your website, it is packed full of useful information(but you already know that), and hopefully this is the start of a long and successful relationship for the both of us.

Bruce B.

Excellent job with your website, Dan!

Alex K.

I really enjoyed your website, thanks for all the help. I read this in December (all the way through) and decided to open up a demo.

Camden R.

(I really love this one) Thank You, DayTradingTutor! .

I am not sure my first email went through – your website is precise, impeccable, generous – the way you have presented to novices the absolute must-know basics of the Market are by far surpassing the muffled style of many super expensive trading platforms. I admire and congratulate you for this – in today’s difficult times – so many people are without jobs – it is a pity they do not know about your site! Starting small is the way to go for novices – and to do that you provide at NO CHARGE the most vital knowledge!. Congratulations – please make sure that more people know about your site! I for one have in mind two young people who will benefit if they listen to your wise guidance! Thanks for letting us see your wonderful family – (cute Rio, too) !


Tsvetana Y.

I appericiate the articles that are given and they are of great help for the novice like me.

Barjinder S.

Hello Dan, Thank you for a very informative site. I am very interested in the Bot.

A B.

Great site! but…Who are you? (here I am)

Mark R.

I am just learning, zero knowlege! I have learned alot from your site. I will start out slow…I want to stay VERY simple with one item to watch daily, can you do that with a mini forex account? I don’t have $25,000 to invest, want to start out with more like the $250.00. Thanks, Sandy.

Sandy K.

Sir, my name is Bob and i’m from india, i’m a small investor in Indian market, i got so much [day trading] information on your website it is wonderful.

Bob T.

I have read through the entire site. I found it very informative and honest which is tough combination these days. I am interested in learning more about currency markets.

Brett D.

Hi, Great site…tons of information.

Chris D.

I very much appreciate these lessons you’re giving. I now see what you mean how easy it is to confuse day trading with regular investing which happens to be in the daytime.


Thanks for your great site. It is very informative. I’m very green in ALL aspects of trading. I’ve never even heard of the FX market before.

Lee C.

The information that i learned from this site has been by far the most helpful. Thanks for the free information I am interested in finding out more about your online class by way of miami dade college also. Thanks again!

Eric C.

Dear Mr. Alvarez,

I came across this site while searching on moving average crossover and really I am fortunate to have come across your site. I have been basically been interested in technical analysis of stocks having read “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” by Magee.

I think I should start calling your sir because I have been able learn quite a few things from your free site :)) I am honestly impressed by your honest approach and congrats to you for such a great website.

Gaurav T .

Hi, Thanks for setting up this site and providing insightful information


Manuel P .

Hello there, I just read most of the comments of your website and I want to thank you. I have been looking for information on day trading for a bit and didn’t find anything as in depth as what you have presented here.

Nikil D .

Hello, thank my name’s Dina. Thank you for all your help on the site; it is well appreciated.

Dina M .

Thank you for putting up your site, it was a wonderful introduction to Trading. I’m a point in my life where other opportunities have passed me by but I’m determined to become a successful trader.

Chris D .

Thanx a lot for setting up this website and sharing all this valuable information, to educate an illiterate [trader] like myself who has been disappointed by various institutions and people. Keep up the good work. I wish u all the best in life. May God Bless u .

Gurpreet S .

I’m very very impressed by your straight simple advice in this website named In the future, I hope I will attend your tutorial class. You talk in a very straight and no nonsense simple way, with a positive thinking attitude. My intuition also tells me that you are a great teacher. Thank you so much for reading my letter .

Take care, God Bless You Sir, With Lots of Respect,

Arindam B .

I love your site by the way. I have no experience with trading, but it has always been my dream to do it some day. Your site makes it much easier for me to get to know and learn the tricks.


Negin A.

After reading the tutorials on this site, I would like to express my appreciation for such a simple and understandable content which certainly has given me more confidence in forex and do intend to open a mini
forex account.

Kindest regards,

Sanjay B.

I love your website…I think your website has more info on it than other sites and most books out there…Please keep up the good

Thank you.

Gary W.

While doing my research on the Internet, I found your day trading tutorial. I read everything on it and I am very impressed. God bless you for the way you are trying to teach others how to start a daytrading business…This email is to encourage you to keep helping others by sharing your experience
with them. Again, God bless you.


Francis T.

I am amazed on how helpful your website is for me in understanding Forex and day trading in general.

Billy K.

Thank you for your information and your great site. I have gained much knowledge from it.

Best Wishes and a Healthy New Year.

Iri R.

I would like to compliment your website. I think it is very well done and offers a lot of quality information about how to day trade well.


Tim P.

I’d just like to say how helpful and informative your website is.

Thanks and regards.

David F.

I really like your site. It’s very informative for a new person to trading.

Thanks for your help,

Janet H.

This site contains a wealth of very useful information. You have done a very good job. I learned a lot reading your site. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


Ben G.

After finding your site by accident whilst looking around for Forex tutors I am so very glad I found this one now permanently in my Favourites. I found the site really eye-opening and so refreshing to read with no “I will make you $15,000 a month” fantasy I have read so often on other sites. I am just beginning learning as much as I can about currency trading and you have given me the desire to learn so much more. To think people pay fortunes to learn what is written on your site for free. You have my eternal respect may God always Bless you.


Graeme H.

Most useful [day trading] site. THANK YOU.

Michael K.

I have enjoyed your site and am looking forward to learning more on the forex trading.

Wayne G.

Thank you. I’ve learned more about day trading from your website than all the so called experts combined. I still have a way to go, but now I know I’m going in the right direction.

Eugene D.

A very interesting read. I have been taking a course from a company called Trend Trading and they offer a very thorough and comprehensive approach. But yours was a lot “cleaner” and clearer. I am very intrigued by the currency trading. DO you offer an online service to advise and guide people on a daily basis?

Mike N.

I just love your site, can I publish some of the content on my site?

Thanks regards

Benton P.

So glad to have found your site before I was swallowed up by all the $$$ grubbing sites I found!

Also glad to find a fellow Christian who is using his teaching gift!

I have zero experience in day trading of any kind. I would like to give it a shot, if I can make my money grow. I like what you wrote about trading currencies, and think that is the route I would take.

Thanks so much for your help! Blessings!

Denise F.

You have a great site and I am learning a lot about it [day trading].

Tim C.

Dear Day Trading Tutor,

I read your website from the first to the last word and would like to sincerely congratulate and thank you for the logic, accuracy and straightforwardness of your presentation. I have done a fair amount of documentation and practice in the field of trading and investing during the last few years and now read your presentation of day trading with interest and joy. Interest – because I am interested in day trading and was looking for a trustworthy person/website to learn about its specifics. Joy – because, as I said, I was impressed by the quality of the information, your professional style, the absence of any “customary” exaggeration, as well as the wise win-win-win concept initiated by your sponsor.

Beside thanking you, there is a second reason for my message, which I hope will be of interest to you as it is to me. I am interested in opening a trading account with your sponsor and benefit from the free course it offers with one of your colleagues instructors. But before doing that, I would like to be able to learn everything I can from YOU personally, about your day trading strategy and experience, if possible. Here are my specifics:

– I live in Montreal, so the only way I can receive your teaching would be via Internet; – I have a (good) basic knowledge of trading/investing in futures (live hogs, pork bellies, grains…) and stock market, so you will not need to spend time with terminology and basic concepts; – What I am mostly interested to learn is the main elements that you apply in a successful day trading strategy in currencies, the analysis that you make to determine entry signals, everything important and concrete that you consider someone should know to succeed in day trading in currencies; – After everything is said and done I will obviously have full and entire responsibility on everything I will do in this field, and you will only have the credit to a, hopefully, nice success story. If the above sounds interesting to you, please advise how much such a course would cost, how we can organize it and when we can start. Awaiting for your comments I thank you once again for everything.


Dan B.

Hello ! My name is Jorge (George) and I am writing from Argentina. I browsed your site about “day trading” and I found it very useful. I also read about the more suitable computer for day trading.

Jorge G.

It’s great. I will go through the site and try to learn as much as possible. In this world of training fees your site is an eye opener. Great to have some people of your type.

Subrota M.

My name is Srini and I’m writing this from Toronto. Thank you for the wonderful site you have; it is very informative.

Srini R.

Hi, thanks for your website, I’m a complete newbie and very interested in real day trading (not investing) for the time being. Your site was quite insightful, thanks.

John T.

I found your writing specific on forex day trading system very helpful. I want to be in your mentorship progam.

Sean B.

Hey, your site kicks ass.

I’m trying to become a day trader (as a full time job) and your site reverberates some of the important points…you hit all the main points, in a nice compact collection.

(Two Thumbs way up)

Albert Y.

Wow! Really concrete and useful information about daytrading!


Brian W.

I appreciate your willingness in giving you knowledge for free. It is really a breath of fresh air. I am a young entrepreneur; I currently have started my own business as an technology consultant, but have always been interested in day trading. I, like you, am a true believer that God is King and I participate in a lot of church volunteer work.


Todd A.


Very informative site Thanks. I am interested in starting out as a day trader / forex trader. After reading you web page on forex I think I might start of with forex.

Terence van R.

Great website. Trading currencies is very alluring.

Phil G.

I have just graduated from the university and I’m very interested in trading as a career. Currencies seem of very good interest for myself.

Thanks, excellent site.

Ken R.

I, luckily, came upon your website as I was doing a search on Day Trading. I was very taken by your sincere style of writing and your proclamation of faith. I am marching through a big transition in my life and am looking for fruit bearing skills. A good friend who just started is doing very well. I was inspired by your clearly written explanations and sober advice. I have greater confidence to learn the “business”. Thank you for your purposeful life. God is good.

Liz H.

God bless you. I’m happy to get to your website. It has what I’ve been searching for. I’m new to trading and I need the confidence to make my first few steps.

Rotimi A.

I am very impressed with your tutorial. You seem to be a man of principles with a mission to educate others. I congratulate you for the work being done. Thank you and God bless.

Dudley D.

Your guidance is wonderful! so simple to understand, I very rarely see something so good!

Joseph L.

Really enjoying your site. I am learning the things I need to know to start day trading. Your site gives me real help and information.

Clive B.

Thank you for your online tutorials, they are really inspiring. I am new to day trading. I will like to know how I can enroll for your training. I live in London, UK.

Olu O.

I am presently a day trader. Mostly trading options and the e mini futures but was also interested in looking at currency trading but knew very little about it. Thanks to your site I have acquired an informative launching pad to get me started in trading currencies. I am looking forward to giving currencies a try.

Thank you for your honesty and insights on trading.

Mike W.

I have been searching the WWW for info on Day Trading, and so far your site has given me the most information. Thank you.

K. Kolesky

Great site and straightforward.

Tom Williams

Hello. Very nice site, a lot of good info. I was very appreciative to find such a resource. It’s nice to see more info on topics like “suggested systems” and such, instead of the standard “what’s an ECN, What’s a candlestick…”


Great web site! Honest information explained easily.

Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to explain the basic “ropes” of day trading to the masses!…I am a technical analyst and system developer for a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in St. Louis

Jim D.

Great web site! Honest information explained easily.

I used to work as a financial futures and options broker (very small fish in big pond) and am now pursuing studies overseas.

I’m starting to investigate the idea of day trading in order to work for myself, setting my own hours. Your articles on currency trading look like a more viable option than stock trading. One reason is because I don’t have 25K to start. Also, the trading seems less complex, as least in execution.

I just printed all the articles on currency trading and am looking forward to starting to learn more. Thanks for the info!

Rob Rosenthal

I found your site refreshing…

James Lembeck

By the way your site is far the best, and you are a writer easy to understand, Thank you. Also, I have requested the trading currency demo. By the way My Dr is in Christian Counseling and my favorite book is KJV…

In His amazing Grace John Burlinson.

Dr. John Burlinson

While looking around on the internet for day trading instruction, I found your site and have read and followed your advise. It has been very helpful.

Emily Web

From a trader-wannabe, I just wanted to say thanks for this rare informative site. And kudos to you on your desire to teach and help, your attitude on life.

God bless!

Alex Valoria

Hello, I must say I am thankful for the information that you have made available through this web site. I am very interested in currency trading and have read your site from top to bottom. I have downloaded the currency trading demo that you have recommended and am having a ball learning the ins and outs.

Brandon Jones

AWESOME SITE! I cannot tell you how much your site has helped me with my trading. And I’m glad I found you right about when I first started. I only began trading a couple of months ago, but I have done very well so far and large part of that success is due to your suggestions.

Thanks again for your web site and your help. My next project is to check out your currency trading software!


Dean Poulos

Best site offering tutorial on day trading.

Sandeep Shivani

Hello, I am from AZ and am a stay-at-home mom and was considering getting into day trading. I really enjoyed your web site – very informative!!

Kim Phillips

And the same person again at a later date wrote:



Thanks for the frank and honest information. I found it very informative and a good starting point to trading. I’m based in NYC, but am interested in learning more. What are your terms for training. Look forward to hearing from you.


Fabian Diaz

Thank you very much. You are one of the true pioneers of the Internet Actually helping people without charge. I wasn’t buying into some scam that I can make a bunch of money out of 500 dollars. The truth is I am only 15 years old and me and 2 of my friends chipped in to start out on an online broker [name of broker removed as a courtesy]. We are learning stuff right now and this was such good insight. If we could keep in touch and talk to each other about trading that would be wonderful. If not then be as it may.

Thanks a lot,

Erik Myxter

Many thanks for this. I have found your site quite useful and enlightening. Will keep you posted as I progress in my quest.

It is very gratifying to see someone like you willing to contribute in a world which is being forced (or normed) to becoming increasingly selfish/self-centered (the more primitive traits of survival). Many thanks again.

Best regards.

Dr. Noor-Amin Noorani

If you are one of the many traders or investors that have been helped in any way by the Day Trading Tutor website, or if you simply want to let me know what you think, please send me your trading testimonial or story via email by completing the contact form on this site.

Happy Trading!!!