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Is a Trading Career for You?

is a trading career for you

I don’t think there are many careers as sexy as that of a professional trader. You buy, sell and repeat to the tune of the ever-ticking financial markets. Currencies, stocks, futures…your inventory is intangible. No need to herniate yourself hoisting heavy boxes or to make angry faces at an underqualified middle manager on the other […]

The Most Popular Trading Picture in the Universe

day trading tutor dan alvarez

Back in 2003, my wife (back then my girlfriend) took this picture of me in the middle of an online trading webinar. I had three 19-inch monitors running side by side at the time. You can tell that this scene was definitely retroish because the trading platform looks ancient. OMG! Roll out the ticker tape, […]

5 Biggest Misconceptions About Trading Computers

5 misconceptions trading computer

1. I can trade on a standard PC. It’s deceiving how hard your computer really has to work when you trade. In trading, your machine has to absorb massive amounts of real time data and turn it into pretty real time charts. While this may seem like a rather trivial task, it actually involves the […]

Top 5 Funniest Excuses Bad Traders Use

funniest trader excuses

Traders are a funny bunch. In my long career performing due diligence on them and working to get them funded, I have been able to witness the full extent of their creativity – creativity that can even put Pinocchio to shame! I can honestly say that I have heard pretty much every excuse from traders […]

Adult Stem Cell Cure for MS – Treatment in El Salvador

This is round II in the search for the cure for my mom’s multiple sclerosis. Her first adult stem cell treatment was in Argentina, with stem cell pioneer, Dr. Roberto Fernandez-Vina. This is the link to my first blog post about her therapy in Argentina using adult human stem cells. The first procedure took place […]

Update on Mom’s Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Since my first post on about my mom’s stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis in Argentina, I have received hundreds of questions and letters of appreciation from all over the world. Here’s the link to the first post about our experience in Argentina with stem cell expert Dr. Fernandez Vina. It has almost been five […]

Trip to Argentina – Doctor Fernandez Vina and Mom’s Stem Cell Treatment for MS

To be able to day trade and make money, a trader also needs to focus on his health and that of his loved ones. Money means nothing if those you care about are not healthy. That’s why I wrote this blog post. Doctor Fernandez Vina and Stem Cell Treatment In 1996, my mom was diagnosed […]

How “Efficient” is the Stock Market?

On “Market meltdown refutes ‘efficient markets’ theory,” Kate Gibson of MarketWatch interviews market strategist, Nicolas Colas, who questions the validity of efficient markets and other common notions upon which our modern financial theory is based. An “efficient market,” according to the traditional financial and academic community is supposed to “efficiently” factor in all available information […]

CNBC and Ex-Trader Jim Cramer get Hammered

If you haven’t seen Jon Stewart hammer ex-hedge fund trader and CNBC commentator, Jim Cramer, on The Daily Show last week yet, I strongly suggest you watch this video. Jim Cramer is the loud clown that hosts CNBC’s Mad Money at nights. I’ve never really understood why anyone would pay attention to this joker, let […]

Madoff could keep Baby Boomers out of Stocks?

Madoff keeping Baby Boomers out of the stock market? At least that’s what this Market Watch story suggested. I cracked my ASSets off when I read that. Was Madoff really the culprit in the desire of Boomers to shun equities? Common! Get real! It is true that what this Jewish con man and ex-Nasdaq Chairman […]