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Update on Mom’s Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Since my first post on about my mom’s stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis in Argentina, I have received hundreds of questions and letters of appreciation from all over the world.

Here’s the link to the first post about our experience in Argentina with stem cell expert Dr. Fernandez Vina.

It has almost been five months since my mom had her stem cells implanted by Doctor Fernandez Vina. Her balance and coordination improved quite a bit rather quickly after the treatment. Nevertheless, I feel she’ll need a second stem cell treatment eventually – maybe about a year after the first one, since her improvement has already plateaued (she actually had her second treatment in El Salvador, click here to read about it). At least the first treatment helped her considerably, something that traditional medicine with their toxic medications and inability (or unwillingness) to cure has never been able to accomplish since she was diagnosed with MS about 13 years ago.

Doctor Fernandez Vina has requested my mom have new blood work done, as well as an electromyogram and an MRI to see what physiological improvements have occurred since the first procedure. As soon as we have the results of those tests, I’ll write another blog post to update everyone interested in stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis, Dr. Fernandez Vina, and my mom’s condition.

Good Bless you all!