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MT4 “Off Quotes” Galore – Active Forex Day Trading Sessions Squandered

The forex market is moving. The EUR/USD is taking off; GBP/USD is following suit. A great day trading opportunity draws near; slowly creeping in sight of our crosshairs. “Click!” – The trigger is squeezed. “Click, click, click!” No bang! No kill! No execution! – Instead, a freaking “off quotes” message as the prey escapes. Arrrgggghhh! […]

Day Trading Tutor Gets a New Look

When I started my Day Trading Tutor (DTT) website in the late 90’s, it was more like a journal where I dumped megabits of information about the trading of stocks and currency day trading in general. New Day Trading Tutor Structure Implemented Many new and experienced traders have visited the site over the years and […]

Day Trading Activity After ECB President’s Comments

Today, all scalping trades positive. Comments by ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet were interpreted to mean that a rate increase next month is likely – and possibly higher rates by year end. This caused volatility in the Euro as it moved up, which generated the most transactions during today’s day trading session. The Bank of England’s […]

The Silence of the Forex Market

The DTT Robot program continued to operate in total boredom today as the market reacted very little to the US productivity numbers at 8:30 AM EST. Only one trade was executed and it was a loser. Hey; we can’t win’em all, right? The possibilities to day trade tomorrow might come near 7:00 AM EST during […]

Forex Market – Too Dead for Trading

The currency market today was as dead as a doornail! There was not much reaction to the reports that came out. Only two scalping trades were executed to finish a slightly negative day. Tomorrow, there are some economic reports that might move the market and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will speak at 1:30 EST. […]

Kaiser – A New Addition to the Day Trading Tutor Family

On December 29th, 2006, the Day Trading Tutor family got a little bigger. Kaiser (“Kaki”) was born at 10:52 AM EST, weighing 7 pounds and 14 ounces and measuring 19.25 inches; a healthy baby stud. Who does he look like? Daddy says like him. The grandparents say like mommy – But mommy says like John […]

Day Trading Robots Play Softball Too!

So you thought all day trading robots did was trade? Not a chance! The Day Trading Robots can also play softball! They have a softball team that plays on the highest slow pitch division on Tuesdays at Tropical Park in Miami, Florida. Well, the players aren’t really robots. That’s just the name of the team […]

Talented Day Traders Wanted – Opportunity to Trade for Others

Over the years, I have grown more and more fond of full-time day traders; warriors who sharpen their swords every morning ready for battle – not knowing the shape, size or strength of the enemy they’ll be up against that day. While the media traditionally frowns upon the world of day trading, this is only […]

What are other Day Traders Saying?

New day traders always want to know how “others are doing it.” This is a natural desire that applies to any subject of interest. It is extremely helpful to know how professionals do their “thing.” That’s why I put this DTT section together. I have met traders from all over the world; some good, some […]

Day Trading Tutor’s Simulators of Preference

The simulator section provides access to the same MetaTrader (MT4) platform that we use for the automated managed account program. MT4 is a very complete trading platform with charts integrated. It also allows the automation of strategies via a set of instructions (programs) called Expert Advisors (EA’s). Automation or algorithmic trading, especially in the forex […]