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Day Trading Tutor’s Simulators of Preference

The simulator section provides access to the same MetaTrader (MT4) platform that we use for the automated managed account program. MT4 is a very complete trading platform with charts integrated. It also allows the automation of strategies via a set of instructions (programs) called Expert Advisors (EA’s). Automation or algorithmic trading, especially in the forex market, continues to pick up speed – as more and more day traders attempt to take the emotional ingredient out of the equation.

The problem with MT4 is finding a “good” (or should I say, “good enough”) broker to work with. It’s a daunting task, but I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover that a great part of the work has already been done for you. I do want you to do a little bit of work yourself, though. You need to at least complete the short form to the right of any page on my site. Yes you have to type! – But everything will be emailed to you once you do.

There is another trading simulator that I also work with (not for managed accounts yet), but you can’t sign up for it with the regular form. It only makes sense for some type of traders though. You will know if this makes sense for you or not once you receive the simulator request email and are pointed to an important page of this site.

Make sure you practice on the simulator and read the free trading e-book (especially if you’re just starting out) before you jump into the live market and start trading currencies.