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Day Trading Tutor Gets a New Look

When I started my Day Trading Tutor (DTT) website in the late 90’s, it was more like a journal where I dumped megabits of information about the trading of stocks and currency day trading in general.

New Day Trading Tutor Structure Implemented

Many new and experienced traders have visited the site over the years and sent me their testimonials. I never expected that a non-corporate-like experiment about day trading would help so many people. One of my friends, Giovanny “Geo” Gutierrez, a brilliant web designer and internet marketer, was really impressed by this. He is the owner of Ionic Studios and he suggested redesigning the site to make it more user-friendly, cleaner, and more “professional” (whatever that means).

That’s how the Day Trading Tutor redesign began in 2006. Geo came up with the new look and structure; then went on to apply cascading style sheets (CSS) to the entire DTT website.

DTT’s Dan Alvarez gets Iconized

Despite being overwhelmed with many other projects, the brilliant artists of Iconize Me were nice enough to then embark on the iconization of your’s truly, Dan Alvarez (Day Trading Tutor). See the transformation below of one of my ugly pictures. The three extremely talented artist of Iconize Me (Paul Sahner, Shalimar Luis, and José Ramos) came up with their own unique versions of me. These images are rotated at random on the upper left corner of each page, to add a little flavor to the whole operation!

Design of DTT Icons by Iconize Me

I love all three versions of me, especially José’s design. His unique and witty style of caricature resonates with my jovial personality.

DTT Day Trading Information Orbits The Blogosphere

Internet Marketing Consulting and Entrepreneur Coach, Barry Welford of Strategic Marketing Montreal, then took over. Barry, an exceptionally bright and talented professional, stressed the importance of implementing a blog for Day Trading Tutor and having an architecture or navigation structure for the site that made sense to my visitors.

With the help and talent of web designer Denis Doyle, Barry succeeded in creating and launching a Blog section using WordPress, as well as implementing a better site navigational structure. This also transformed DTT into a more search engine friendly site. Barry is also handling the gradual move of DTT’s original GeoCities pages into the new domain

Will DTT Be Making Further Improvements?

Day Trading Tutor is not done by far! The robot program has witnessed demand from many corners of the world. I have also provided a free day trading e-book to my visitors and will be including more powerful educational tools from talented traders I work with on the site in the near future. All of these things (and the birth of my handsome baby boy, Kaiser), should keep me busy and make DTT an ever-changing and growing place over the years to come.

May the new Day Trading Tutor be a blessing to you and your family.