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MT4 “Off Quotes” Galore – Active Forex Day Trading Sessions Squandered

The forex market is moving. The EUR/USD is taking off; GBP/USD is following suit. A great day trading opportunity draws near; slowly creeping in sight of our crosshairs.

“Click!” – The trigger is squeezed. “Click, click, click!” No bang! No kill! No execution! – Instead, a freaking “off quotes” message as the prey escapes. Arrrgggghhh!

If you have been wondering why there is only one execution despite two back-to-back, active trading sessions, now you know. We’ve had two straight days where the British Pound has had a range (from High to Low) of over 100 pips and the Euro about 90 pips. Can you tell I’m frustrated?

Today’s trading log will give you an idea of the severity of this problem.

Three trades took about a minute and a half to get rejected; an eternity in the world of Forex day trading.

We are told that the new MT4 system will be ready possibly this week (maybe the 15th, as we were told last time), so we might be testing that as well. Hallelujah!

Currenex Scalping Platform Update

With the latest programming upgrade, the Currenex trading platform is performing a bit better – even though the prices become intermittent from time to time. We will continue to place trades through this platform tomorrow. We are also flirting again with Strategy Runner, which works with Currenex as well. We’ll keep you informed about the progress of our endless Forex day trading quest! Stay positive!