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Trading Robot Update – No Happy Valentine

Valentine’s Day was pretty active for currency trading. Both the Euro and the British Pound against the US Dollar had ranges of 100+ pips. Unfortunately, we were plagued by the same excruciating trade rejections (“off quotes”) as yesterday on the MT4 platform.

The day started at 8:11 AM London Time with an “off quotes” rejection that took a whopping one minute and thirty seconds to surface! Click here to see the trading log.

The first trade execution took 21 seconds to materialize (from 10:35:34 to 10:35:51 UK time). After multiple attempts trying to get out of that position, the exit trade took 10 seconds to get filled (at 10:38:42). The first trade of the day was a loser and the second and last trade was a winner. The second position took 14 seconds to open and 9 seconds to close – still not acceptable in day trading.

On a different note, the programmer did not provide us with the proper upgrade for the Currenex Trading System, so we weren’t able to trade on that either. It should be ready tomorrow, though. We need to see if the data from Currenex does not bog down a normal internet connection (something we suspect might be happening). If it does, then Strategy Runner (which we are testing now as well) is the only remaining option.