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Day Trading Robots Play Softball Too!

So you thought all day trading robots did was trade? Not a chance!

The Day Trading Robots can also play softball! They have a softball team that plays on the highest slow pitch division on Tuesdays at Tropical Park in Miami, Florida. Well, the players aren’t really robots. That’s just the name of the team – but yours truly, Day Trading Tutor’s Dan Alvarez, is the all-star pitcher. Everyone thinks our team name is pretty weird and unsoftball-like, but we’re actually getting pretty good (after a few interesting seasons and player pruning’s). I’ll try to get our stats and team picture up soon.

Did you know I have a slow pitch curveball and knuckle ball in my arsenal? Shhhh! Not too loud. I wouldn’t want the opposition to overhear. The trading robots will surely lose their key advantage then!

Play ball!