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Talented Day Traders Wanted – Opportunity to Trade for Others

Over the years, I have grown more and more fond of full-time day traders; warriors who sharpen their swords every morning ready for battle – not knowing the shape, size or strength of the enemy they’ll be up against that day.

While the media traditionally frowns upon the world of day trading, this is only a gesture of ignorance. Successful day traders are investors on a higher level; not the level that traditional mutual fund managers are on, where they get paid millions for underperforming the market – but instead, the level where a trader needs to make money on an almost daily basis to pay his bills and enjoy whatever degree of comfort he desires. I’ll invest my money with a talented day trader rather than with a traditional money manager or advisor on any day of the week. That’s why the Trading Career program was created.

There are many day traders out there that are truly talented. Whether they are just naturally talented or learned how to trade well by building upon the knowledge they gained from my DTT site, it doesn’t matter. They both have the opportunity to trade for DTT and for DTT’s clients; clients who don’t want to deal with the BS of the stock market or real estate; clients who are willing to pay for success.

It’s easy to join our Talent Program. First you need to complete a form with your information. The information is analyzed carefully to determine if you have (or may have) what we’re looking for. If you do, you will be provided with a special trading simulator for us to follow your progress. The simulator process can last from a few days days to a few months. It depends on your style of trading, the number of trades you place, and many other factors.

After the trading simulation stage, we either place you on a live test account for a week or so or simply get you fully funded. The compensation package typically includes an attractive percentage of the day trading profits generated and possibly other perks.

Interested? Visit the Career section.