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Day Trading Computers – #2 – Spyware and Adware (cont)

The previous article in this series outlined what spyware and adware is. In this article I will discuss symptoms of spyware and adware so that you can determine if you have been infected. How do I know if I have Spyware or Adware? As previously discussed, there are plenty of spyware and adware bugs out […]

New Forex Trading System – Strategy Runner Tests

Our live tests on the Strategy Runner forex trading platform have been prolonged. The problem is that Strategy Runner employs a very cumbersome way to enter the market. When we started our tests, we didn’t think this would matter, but it does – especially when trading right after economic reports and news releases. Forex scalping […]

Day Trading Computers – #1 – Spyware and Adware

Adware and spyware programs seem to always be a hot topic in the media. The prevalence of these often deceptive programs on the Internet is increasing and the potential harm that they can cause day trading computers is severe. What is spyware and adware? Adware and spyware programs are applications that get installed on an […]

Day Trading Broker Update

I have been receiving some emails asking about the status of our old forex day trading broker, FXLQ. This leads me to believe that some clients have not read my blog posts earlier this month about the termination of our relationship with FXLQ. You won’t see any activity in your FXLQ brokerage account because we […]

Day Trading News – Currencies or Stocks?

In Day Trading the News, I discussed the popular news day trading strategy as it applies to forex (foreign exchange) online trading. Trading the news does not just apply to currencies though. Many traders day trade during economic or news releases using stocks too, even though I like currencies better for this. Why do I […]

Day Trading the News

Day trading the news or “news trading” usually refers to the popular practice in the forex market of day trading online a specific currency after the release of an economic report or statistic. Each potentially market-moving report is released at a specific date and time every month – and there’s a consensus estimate for each […]

Forex Day Trading Tests with Strategy Runner Successful

Our Forex day trading system might have a new home soon. Today is the second day that we have been testing the Strategy Runner day trading system with Currenex. The executions have been pretty fast so far, even though the Forex market hasn’t provided us with the quick trading opportunities we like. Tommorrow’s PPI (Producer […]

Day Trading at a New Brokerage Firm

The Strategy Runner account is already funded. Strategy Runner is supposed to enable our Currenex login on their server today. This was supposed to happen late last week, but it didn’t (for reasons beyond our control – I hate those). We might be able to day trade tomorrow. The MT4-Currenex solution I discussed in my […]

Managed Day Trading Program – Future Options

Yesterday’s post (“Forex Robot hits the Road – Trades Credited” explains why we are considering various alternatives for our managed day trading online program. If you haven’t read the previous post yet, please do so at this time. Please keep in mind that the options I’ll be telling you about today are not mutually exclusive; […]

Forex Robot hits the Road – Trades Credited

This day trading business is definitely an exciting one! Maybe we should release an action/adventure motion picture in the near future! Hollywood, here we come! It’s a hat-trick. We have experienced three back-to-back days of unacceptable delayed executions on MT4, resulting in losses. The good news is that FXLQ credited all three of these losses […]