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Day Trading Broker Update

I have been receiving some emails asking about the status of our old forex day trading broker, FXLQ.

This leads me to believe that some clients have not read my blog posts earlier this month about the termination of our relationship with FXLQ. You won’t see any activity in your FXLQ brokerage account because we cannot trade there anymore. It is obvious that we soon need to start day trading. Brokers currently being tested include one who provides Strategy Runner with Currenex, a London forex broker who will provide Currenex via MetaTrader, and a Swiss broker who has a similar setup.

The two MT4 day trading brokers are almost ready to release their Currenex products. This might happen this week, but it is not a guarantee. The only Currenex broker where we are actually trading live with Strategy Runner is ODL. So far, the Strategy Runner day trading software is performing great, but we need to run it through some more dynamic market scenarios to make sure that it is acceptable under extreme conditions. I want to make sure that the conditions are right before I give you the green light to transfer your accounts from FXLQ to another forex day trading broker. I am planning to make that announcement by the beginning of next month.

Please understand that we’re not resting on our laurels. If there’s someone that hates the status quo it’s me! Believe me, there’s a lot going on in the background. But one thing that I won’t do is rush into a relationship with a new forex broker or into trading under unacceptable conditions.

Neither you nor I make any money if the money is just sitting in a brokerage account. I do not earn any interest on it – that’s for sure; so I want the action to resume; really!

Please keep checking this section of my day trading blog for future updates. The day trading broker green light may come at any minute!