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Day Trading at a New Brokerage Firm

The Strategy Runner account is already funded. Strategy Runner is supposed to enable our Currenex login on their server today. This was supposed to happen late last week, but it didn’t (for reasons beyond our control – I hate those). We might be able to day trade tomorrow.

The MT4-Currenex solution I discussed in my previous post is not ready yet. While I wait for that, I’m also looking at a second firm that is promising institutional pricing via MT4 (but I’ll believe it when I see it).

Last week, I also discussed bringing additional day traders on board. I’m still running a few traders through some final live tests. It is important to note that unless these traders pass all my tests, I won’t work with them. I’m very picky when it comes to these things and won’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to trading.

Some of you have asked why these traders won’t get shut down on MT4 while Nigel’s scalping program was. The reason is that they will hold on to trades for at least a minute or two longer than Nigel – something that we cannot force our existing managed account program to do or it won’t work.

Some have also suggested using HotSpot or MB Trading / EFX Group. I have spoken to HotSpot in the past about their institutional product (HotSpotFxi), but they don’t have the same liquidity as the Currenex brokers we work with. MB Trading and their subsidiary, EFX Group, don’t have a PAMM or master account available; which means that we won’t be able to try them out for managed accounts until they do.

I assure you that we have probably looked at most forex trading platforms and liquidity pools out there. The information I usually provide in this blog is just an iota of what we deal with on a daily basis – not because I don’t want to give you all the details, but because I do not have time to write about every single little thing.

FXLQ – Transferring Accounts to Another Broker

FXLQ has agreed to transfer your forex accounts to another broker when you request it. Since we don’t know right now where we’ll finally wind up, I ask you to simply stay put a bit longer. We’ll let you know when you should move your money out of FXLQ soon.