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The Stock Market – How Bad is it Really?

It’s pretty bad. I’m glad that in our world of forex trading, stocks just aren’t welcomed! In fact, I have been in favor of alternative investments instead of stocks and the economically-sensitive real estate sector for years. Since my post, “Stock Market Trades Below Key Support Level,” the Dow has fallen further. Just look at […]

Stock Market Trades Below Key Support Level

The hits just keep on coming as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow), the most popular US stock market index, closed below the 50%-retracement level. Traders familiar with technical analysis know that when the price of anything falls 50% from a peak, it tends to be “supported” from falling further – but if this level […]

Stock Market Destroys American Wealth – What Else is New?

The stock market got hammered again today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) was down over 3% to a close of 7114.78. That’s about 50% off from its high near 14,000 in 2007. Trillions of dollars of wealth continue to evaporate with the perpetual decline. But this is nothing new. I have been warning others […]

FX Day Trading Brokers and Account Protection

During today’s global banking crisis, more and more day traders are worried about the safety of their funds if their forex broker goes under. In the United States, the NFA (National Futures Association) does not protect against insolvency of forex brokers. Nevertheless, I believe that FX (foreign exchange) remains one of the best asset classes […]

Day Trading Blog Anniversary!

Our day trading blog just went through its 2-year anniversary! Wow; time flies! It was actually on November 3rd, 2008 that the blog section of Day Trading Tutor turned two (see “News” section on navigation menu). For two years, we’ve embarked on a wild journey through the forex day trading market. In that time, we’ve […]

The Ugly Side of Traditional Stock Investing

Dear traders and investors; what bloodshed have we witnessed courtesy of the stock market! Over 8 TRILLION DOLLARS in wealth have evaporated after Thursday’s stock market close – down 39% from its peak. Ouch!!! Aren’t stocks supposed to be the backbone of all retirement portfolios? Only if you believe the giant brokerage firms that recommend […]

Don’t Day Trade to Delay your Retirement

Americans’ love affair with stocks has caused the delay in many retirements (perpetually in some cases). This historical credit crisis and real estate bubble blow-up has impacted 401(k) balances across the nation – as well as IRA accounts and non-retirement stock portfolios. Even diversified bond portfolios have gotten whacked, as corporate debt across traditionally “solid” […]

“Day Traders Selling Short will be Shot on Sight,” says the SEC

Day traders; this may sound a bit dramatic, but at the rate the SEC is going with the regulation of short sellers, this might become the next headline! In my blog post yesterday, “SEC Adopts New Short-selling Rules,” I commented on the SEC’s latest move to regulate naked short-selling. Even though I agree on restricting […]

SEC Adopts New Short-selling Rules

“The SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] adopts rules against naked short-selling,” writes Marcy Gordon of The Associated Press. I laughed my assets off when I read this headline just a few hours ago. This is why I love forex (or foreign exchange) for day trading so much better than stocks. I’m not saying that naked […]

Thank you for the day trading information

Thank you so much for the information you put out online. I’m still in the process of reading and learning about forex day trading. I also wanted to mention that I love the way you provided this information. Not only you’re smart, you’re also funny. Again, thank you for sharing the knowledge. I’m looking forward […]