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Dead Market – Accounts Added to PAMM

Today was a dead day. “Come on, Dan. Look for something positive!” Oh, yeah; the great majority of the accounts were added to the PAMM.

Currency Pair GBPUSD “Frozen!” – During NFP Data

Friday was NFP day – the most hectic day for the forex market. Before the bulk of the accounts were added to the PAMM, Nigel [the trader] tried to buy 25 lots of GBP/USD (a.k.a. “cable” or “pound”) at 1.9093 after the release of the initial NFP figures that were bearish for the US Dollar. […]

DTT Robot News Now Online

You probably know that I like to run a very transparent operation. That’s why I keep DTT clients informed and “tell it like it is.” Unfortunately, sending email updates has become a bit cumbersome (every day seems to bring us more and more surprises). I could have already published a book using all the emails […]