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New Forex Trading System – Strategy Runner Tests

Our live tests on the Strategy Runner forex trading platform have been prolonged. The problem is that Strategy Runner employs a very cumbersome way to enter the market. When we started our tests, we didn’t think this would matter, but it does – especially when trading right after economic reports and news releases. Forex scalping becomes extremely difficult with the way the platform is currently set up.

In the next week or so, Strategy Runner agreed to add two additional buttons to their platform that will hopefully allow Nigel to enter and exit the market faster. This won’t solve all the problems (since the platform needs more modifications to meet our needs), but it should increase the quality of execution to an acceptable level. If this happens, we will inform clients at FXLQ to transfer their accounts to ODL.

MT4 Currenex Tests

On Friday we received the login information for the new MT4-Currenex project we have been waiting for. The brokerage firm involved still has to resolve the latency (delay) issues present, but even having something to test is progress. We will continue to monitor the platform and pricing. When everything is ready for live testing and we get to run some successful live trades, this might become another option for our forex traders.

New Forex Trading System

We will be testing a new, fully-automated forex day trading system next week that works directly with Currenex. It does not need MT4 or any other platform to run and the server where the program is installed is located in New York. Since all Currenex execution servers are also in New York, this should reduce execution delays significantly. I will let you know what the live results are once we have them. This might be another option for some of you to diversify.

New Forex Scalper

Next week we’ll also be running some live tests with an additional forex scalper. If these manual tests are successful, we’ll also start testing a fully automated version of the scalper’s strategy.

I know we don’t have a solution for our FXLQ clients yet, but I know that we soon will – the [near] future looks very promising.