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Forex Scalping Part II – Is it Gambling? Redefinition of Risk

To the average investor, scalping might sound a bit like gambling; but it isn’t by any means. Scalping severely reduces a type of risk that’s inherent in any investment: the risk of being in the market. When a trader has a position open, he is exposed to market risk. At any time, the price could […]

Forex Scalping Part I – What is it?

Forex scalping involves the trading of currencies with the objective of obtaining small, quick profits from the market. It is possible to scalp on an ECN-type platform that gives a day trader the ability to play market maker; i.e., allowing him to buy at the BID and sell at the ASK or make the spread. […]

Webinar – Using a Non-Dealing Desk Forex Trading Platform – Feb 7th

On Wednesday February 7th from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST, Day Trading Tutor members will be able to join a free webinar hosted by the firm that provides one of my trading platforms of preference. The forex trading platform is based on a non-dealing desk or ECN model, which is the model that prevailed […]

Forex Robot – Scalping 3 for 3 despite Resistance

We’re 3-for-3 on the Forex Robot program. Today was the third straight winning day – with 12 scalping trades executed within an hour and a half after the jobs reports came out at 8:30 AM EST. There were still problems, though; many “off quotes” (14 straight rejections at one time while trying to close out […]

Scalping on MT4 – Back-to-Back Days

Seven forex scalping trades were executed today – all positive. This is the second day in a row since the 11-29-06 to 1-17-07 “shutdown period” of the Forex Robot program that this has been possible. We’ll try to make it three-for-three tomorrow – when the potentially market-moving US Nonfarm employment figures come out at 8:30 […]

Active Scalping is Back – A Good Day for Trading

Today the forex market was a bit more active, giving us the chance to fire away 20 scalping trades on the MT4 platform – all but one positive. This allowed us to end the month on a positive note; a much needed jolt in an otherwise very inactive and boring 31-day period. I pray that […]

Forex Calendar – Essential News For Currency Day Traders

News moves markets – plain and simple. This is especially true in Forex, which is ultra sensitive to the plethora of daily economic releases and reports around the world. How does a day trader keep track of all this data without being overwhelmed? A tool that we use frequently in our currency day trading is […]

Launch of New MT4 Trading System

FXLQ’s new MT4 trading system with multi-bank liquidity might be launched by February 1st (in two days). This is what I was told last week. This might improve the quality of execution of our scalping trades significantly. While we wait for the above to happen, we continue to trade lightly on the existing MetaTrader system. […]

Day Trading Computers – #4 – Your System

The previous article in this series described the ‘engine’ of the trading computer system. The components discussed here will be crucial in allowing you to get maximum performance from that reliable, high-speed ‘engine’ you’ve assembled ‘under the hood’. Video Cards PCI, AGP, PCI-Express are all types of video card interfaces. Nearly all systems today are […]

Day Trading Computers – #3 – The Engine

As the previous article in this series pointed out, you must be very realistic on the capabilities of the computer system that will support your own currency-trading plan. This article discusses some of the hidden parts of your trading computer system. This will influence what you should be looking for when researching out the perfect […]