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The Most Popular Trading Picture in the Universe

day trading tutor dan alvarez

Back in 2003, my wife (back then my girlfriend) took this picture of me in the middle of an online trading webinar.

I had three 19-inch monitors running side by side at the time. You can tell that this scene was definitely retroish because the trading platform looks ancient. OMG! Roll out the ticker tape, please!

Out of curiosity, I decided to check Google Images to see if this same picture came up and…lo and behold, guess what I found?!?

See for yourself. Click here to open the page on Google Images with the search results for my webinar pic (by the way, you need to have pop-ups enabled to allow the new window to open).

So what do you think? Pretty crazy, huh?

Every instance of the picture that you see come up in the search results represents a website that has plagiarized my image! There must be a thousand variations of my multi-monitor pic all over the Internet! From Forex to gambling sites, they have eaten my picture up like a succulent dessert! What has made this image what seems to be the most popular trading picture on the universe? Must be the lime, for sure!

My wife jokes about this all the time now. She says that I should file a reverse class action lawsuit against all of these infringers!

“Hold your horses honey! We’re lovers, not fighters!”

Anywho…I know this has nothing to do with day trading and you probably just wasted 10 minutes of your life on this futile exercise, but it’s OK to digress every once in a while. Going off on tangents like these can be mildly meditative at times!

So, if you digitally run into any of these people…the ones trying to piggyback off my abundant charisma online (whatever!), look at them straight in the binary construct of their eyes and say, “Hey, that’s Day Trading Tutor you’re trying to impersonate, you two faced son of a jackal!”

I hope you enjoyed this off-topic dissertation. Live long and prosper!