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How much will it cost for me to learn how to trade?

As much as you want to spend; really!

There are many educational “professionals” and companies in the market that charge thousands of dollars for education or for”magical” software that is supposed to give you the “secrets” of trading. It is quite scary and I am warning you ahead of time. Be careful! On a positive note, you might be able to learn how to day trade for free. Yes, you heard right. Free.

I am confident that by just reading through this free website you will learn more than in 90% of the trading courses and seminars out there.

You will realize that some people out there are charging thousands of dollars for the same information you can read for free on my website (and remember, on my site you don’t run the risk of having your head inflated with the lies you might subconsciously want to hear like, “You are going to become a millionaire day trading in one week!”).

You can also sign up for a free, live demo. This simulator is free and uses live market data to simulate live trades. You can also open an account with very little money and start trading. How? With a few hundred dollars you can open an FX account. This is a great option for new traders that don’t have a lot of capital to start [I actually recommend at least $1,000 to open an account for more flexibility – but people don’t always listen 🙂 ].

If you don’t want to day trade yourself, the AutoTrade system may be another option for you.

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