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Educational Trading FAQs

This is a very useful FAQ section. Since I get bombarded with questions about day trading on a constant basis from visitors in different parts of the world, these questions start repeating themselves after a while.

It is because of this that I have put together this section. It provides the answers to many of the questions that visitors constantly ask. If you need general info on day trading, this is a good place for you to look. Before you email me, read through this list and see if you find a question similar to yours. Chances are that someone has already asked your question in the past and the information is already here.

If your education as a trader is important to you, I suggest that you read through this section. If you want to see a particular piece of information included on this list, please email me your question.

To get a more complete educational experience in the world of trading, read through my site in its entirety; including the seven steps to start trading and the currency trading section. The managed account program may also be another option if you don’t want to pull the trigger yourself.