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What type of computer do I need to trade?

Nowadays computers are very cheap.

As long as you buy one of the most common microprocessors in the market (top Intel or AMD models), two of the most important hardware requirements for your computer are the RAM (Random Access Memory) and the display screen. Make sure that your computer comes with at least 2 GB or more of RAM [4 GB  or more preferred]. It is also easier on your eyes if you get a flat LCD screen. OK, now that was for a regular computer users. Day traders need more!

Your trading workstation needs to be properly equipped if you plan on actively trading. Sure, you can get by with a regular computer for a while, but when you’re trading actively for a living, you need a bit more oomph!

I recommend that each trader use at least have two screens to trade (the more the merrier!). I also recommend that the trading terminal be souped up with as much RAM as possible (8 GB or more if possible).

I work hand in hand with a trading computer company that helps our traders with their technology needs. Learn more about this in the computer section of my website.

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