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How much profit can I make day trading?

This is a very common question among novice traders. It is really impossible to answer because it varies so drastically from individual to individual.

Imagine if you were the coach of a new, professional basketball team and you were given the authority to recruit all the players under one condition. If you answered the “simple” question, “How many points is each player going to score a game?”

Not only is this question impossible to answer in basketball, it is even more difficult to answer when it comes to trading because novice traders do not have any prior experience. It is true that a new trader might become a huge success by applying to perfection a system he is taught or by even developing his own winning system.

But a a novice trader can also fail miserably for many reasons; not just because of a lack of discipline. There are so many physical, psychological, and emotional variables involved that it is really futile to try to determine how profitable a new trader will be. Nevertheless, many still want me to come up with a number. The reason for this is that human beings don’t like uncertainty. They want a daily percentage, a monthly dollar figure, something they can visualize and project to infinity. Unfortunately, this is not reality.

If done correctly, day trading can work, but no one can answer for sure how profitable [or unprofitable] anyone can or will become.

Before you even worry about how much money you’re going to make, start by educating yourself and reading my 7 steps and the currencies section.

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