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Is day trading for beginners?

You cannot learn to trade unless you start somehow, right?

Obviously, when you start trading, you will be a beginner. Duh!!!

In the initial stage, there are many things that you have to be wary of. One is the desire to try everything you hear from all of the so-called “experts” on TV, print publications or trading websites. When you don’t know
about something, everything you hear about it sounds good, doesn’t it? You cannot fall into this trap. There is nothing magic about day trading.

For beginners to learn how to do it, they must get a good education and practice like hell (and this still does not guarantee that they will become effective traders).

People will claim to have a magical seminar that will make you God’s gift to the trading world, but none of it is true. It’s all marketing. Welcome to the New Millennium!

You might ask, “Can’t I do something else to prepare me for active trading later?” The answer is, “NO!” No career can prepare you for it. No job or degree either.

After you learn the basics, you need to practice and start slow without betting the farm.

In my opinion, a beginners will greatly benefit by reading through my free site. This site was designed to demystify the world of active trading; to cut through all the BS that the media and many “professionals” are now polluting the world with.

When I created the site, I didn’t do it with a profit objective in mind. Initially, I created as an outlet for me to vent (Aaaarrrrggggghhh!!!) – and my venting, served as a way for me to give something back!

When you are done reading through this site, you can sign up for a free demo and practice your trades without risking a penny. When you do so, you will receive an ebook I wrote with a basic, step-by-step trading strategy. You will also get access to some great trading tools, my Rate Your Trade evaluation, and a career opportunity to trade professionally.

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