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Should I quit my day job to trade?

No! Wisdom is a necessity in the business world. Before a drastic financial move is made, a lot of planning is required; that is, if we care about the final outcome.

Day trading is not for everybody, just like brain surgery is not something everyone can stomach. Before you sell the house, wife, and kids and take an eternal trading sabbatical, make sure that you first start small and slow.

You don’t have to quit your job or close your business and dedicate yourself fully to the world of trading. In fact, since the general public now has access to the currency market, new traders can trade during convenient hours, based on their schedule (without having to quit their jobs). Don’t get greedy or anxious about it. Test the waters before you jump in; then you will know if a career in trading is for you.

If you are a talented trader and think that a day trading career might be for you, visit my career page.

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