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Should I pay thousands of dollars for a trading course?

NO! There are a lot of so-called “professional traders” out there that want you to fork over thousands of dollars for a course or seminar that will teach you the “secrets” of day trading. Don’t fall victim to this scam.

You could probably learn a lot more about day trading from this site for free than many of these “experts” put together.

Don’t be fooled by a couple of testimonials or infomercials on late night TV. The Unites States is the exaggerated advertising capital of the world. Only in the U.S. can you make outrageous, unverified claims such as, “we make the best this,” “our superior quality is unequaled,” “we leave our competition in the dust,” …. What a bunch of baloney!

Haven’t you realized that when you don’t know much about a particular subject, everything sounds good? This is true in the field of finance, medicine, law – you name it. Don’t go by appearances. Save all of the thousands of dollars that you are going to spend for a “magical” trading course and sign up for a test drive of a live simulator. You will receive a free trading e-book once you do. If you have limited access to capital, read the forex section section of this website. If after a lot of practice, you still don’t feel comfortable – don’t start trading. Take it slow and remember, trading is not for everyone.

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