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Do you recommend stocks, futures, or currencies?

In the nineties, I was only a stock man. Trading stocks was what I liked doing. When I was a stock broker, I obtained my futures’ state license, but never traded futures (even though I have worked with futures traders on different projects).

In late 2001 I was introduced to currencies or forex (foreign exchange). Since that time, I have never looked back. For day trading, I recommend currencies; even though there are many who actively trade stocks and futures.

I think that it is a lot simpler to trade a handful of currencies than a plethora of stocks. In general, the platforms to trade currencies are a lot easier to use as well. If you want to learn more about the benefits of forex, read through the currencies section of my website. Qualified investors and traders may also want to consider the auto traded system if they want to diversify their trading capital or not trade themselves.

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