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Why teach and not just trade?

This is a very frequent question that my students and traders have asked me throughout the years, both in person and via email. It is based on faulty assumptions.

First of all, the person asking it assumes that people do things only for money. This is obviously not true or else the world would have ended already.

The second assumption is that good teachers don’t teach – they simply become great at their area of expertise. This is even further from the truth. Think about it.

If this second assumption was true, it would mean that you could only learn things from bad teachers. If you could only get training from bad instructors, how could you become great at what you are trying to learn? You couldn’t!

Imagine that the world consisted of two types of people – teachers and students. Since all teachers are bad (based on the previous incorrect assumption), so must the students be bad at what they learn. Consequently, there can’t be any human beings that are good at anything!

This becomes an impossible endless spiral. A lot of people (like me) teach because they enjoy it. Seeing a student excel has always provided a great sense of satisfaction to me. It is one of the best ways I can give back some of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me throughout my career. If you don’t agree with this, then I sincerely suggest that you do some soul searching and find out what you are truly passionate about in life – what truly inspires you. Find it and do it!

NOTE: In the last few years (due to time constraints), I have been less involved in teaching and more involved in trader recruitment. That is why I am always looking for talented traders with experience at managing risk successfully. If that sounds like you, please make your way to my career section.

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