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New Manual and Algorithmic Day Traders

We have begun testing a group of new day traders to be able to accept more assets.

Even though our current robot program is excellent and so is Nigel (the trader), forces beyond our control (which you should be familiar with by now) have prevented us from accepting new assets to keep pace with the demand for our program. While I’m confident that this will change soon, in the meantime we started assessing new manual and automated (algorithmic) day traders that have different trading styles. This might allow us to accept some more assets in the short term as we wait for liquidity conditions for our current program to increase and execution problems to diminish.

I think there’s a huge opportunity for growth in the automated day trading (a.k.a., algorithmic trading) front. I have seen some fascinating programs recently and will be working in the background to launch a fully automated managed account in the near future.

FXLQ said that they should be testing the new MT4 system live in a day or two. This was supposed to happen on Sunday (2/25), but it didn’t. IF FXLQ conducts the live tests this week, we might be able to run live trades with a test account soon. I won’t be holding my breath though!

Today, the forex market was pretty boring – void of any important news. Starting tomorrow and lasting through Friday, a series of important scheduled reports and speeches will probably increase market volatility. This should create a good environment for scalping. Let’s see what’s in store for us.