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Definition: Trading Computer

A trading computer is a PC or laptop that will be predominantly used to trade. This trading terminal¬†is a trader’s gateway to the market. Consequently, care must be taken to assure that his computer system is properly equipped.

With the constant drop in computer prices and rapid advancements in technology, a day trader can normally acquire a great computer for under $3,000.

The computer must have plenty of random access memory (8 GB or higher) and a powerful microprocessor (Intel Core i5 Processor or better). It should also include a video card that allows multiple monitors to be connected to the same computer. This will give the trader greater flexibility in arranging his screen by using multiple charts, order entry sections, account information, etc., etc.

The trading platform will run on the computer and will allow the trader to buy and sell stocks, currencies, futures, or any other financial instrument of his choosing. It is preferred that the trader also use a high speed Internet connection like DSL (provided by the phone company) or Cable Modem (provided by the cable company). The computer system should include the appropriate antivirus software and firewall as well as a power backup system (UPS) for power outages and surges.

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